Training is nothing other than the transmission of knowledge. And knowledge is gained through experience

At Dictya Pharma we create tailor-made projects adapted to the needs of our clients, establishing strong partnerships, total involvement and efficient solutions in order to achieve the expected results.
We design training projects based on “learning by doing”, with the emphasis on practical work. Participants work on the development of both their commercial and managerial abilities to ensure the transfer of learning to the workplace of each and every one of them, and in order to acquire a high level of competency-based development.

Dictya Pharma training programmes:

• Commercial training adapted to the needs of our clients at all times.
• Competency-based training targeted to highlight and improve the preparation of sales representatives, managers and of our clients’ human resources in general.


Coaching, whether face-to-face or by telephone, and through a structured methodology, increases people’s well-being, and ensures the following for the company:

• Development of people’s potential as an optimal way of achieving business targets.
• Company managers and leaders are immediately able to apply Coaching processes in their teams in order to improve efficiency, motivation and commitment.


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